Component Offering:
Thermal Management
We currently offer a full line of thermal management components for electronics including CPU cooler modules, blower fans, DC axial flow fans, and AC axial flow fans.  We also offers standard and custom heat sink products.  Call us at 224-603-2160 or email us.

Core product capabilities:
— Heat Sink (Extruded, Stamped, Bonded, Folded, Swaged, Forged, Skived)
— Heat Pipe (Sintered, Composite)
— Heat Exchanger
— Die Casting (Aluminium and Magnesium)
— Passive Server Cooler (Aluminium, Cooper, Vapor Chamber, Heat Pipe available)
— CPU Cooler

Industries Served:

— Medical
— Automotive 
— Security
— Commercial / Industrial
— Medical
—Communications / Network

Component Offering